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Male Infertility

Studies have proven that infertility is not exclusively a female issue. The percentage of couples where the male factor is the cause of infertility, is quite high at 40-50%, and it happens mainly due to the inability of the body to produce sufficient numbers of healthy sperm.

The most common factors are:

Health and lifestyle

A man’s fertility can be easily affected by his daily lifestyle and constant changes in his habits , sometimes, without him even realizing. The most important factor in this category is excessive work stress, -stress can interact with hormones that are necessary when sperm is producted-. Like in most medical conditions, smoking and alcohol consumption have a negatve impact on fertility. Body weight also plays a role. Hormonal changes caused by extreme body weight gain can have an effect on male fertility.

Enviromental Factors

Proper sperm functioning and production can be damaged by overexposure to certain enviromental factors such as: pesticides, herbicides and even dyeing materials can reduce the sperm-count. Heavy metals and radiation can also be responsible for male infertility. Overheating of the testicles can be caused by Sedentary lifestyle, hot baths, general increase in global temperature, ‘new’ tighter clothing etc. increase the temperature of the scrotum to result in temporarily reducing sperm-count.

Medical Factors

This category includes all those health problems or medical treatments and medications that have caused a problem on male fertility.

  •  Cryptorchism (undescended testicles)
  • Problem or inability to ejaculate
  • Deficiency of sperminal pore
  • Tumors
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Varicocele
  • Infections
  •  Medication
  • Problems during intercourse
  • Chromosomal deficiency


  1. The tests that must be carried out in order to check a man’s infertility are sperm culture and semen analysis. The sample is concentrated and placed in a sterile container or in a specially designed area on the condition that it is brought to the laboratory within 20 to 25 minutes.

Spermodiagram (Semen Analysis):

A spermodiagram is the most important test that can rule out the possibility of infertility.
The main results of the test are as follows:

  •  Aspermia: The absence of material after ejaculation.
  • Azoospermia: The absence of sperm in the semen sample.
  • Kryptoazoospermia: The presence of some sperm only after centrifugation of the sample.
  • Hypospermia: Little semen volume.
  • Oligospermia: The small number sperm
  • Asthenospermia: Decreased mobility
  • Teratozoospermia: Increased presence of sperm with abnormal form
  • Nekrospermia: Presence only of dead sperm in the sample.